Tom Casson Salary, net worth -Centre of Harlequin FC

Full name: Tom Casson
Tom Casson salary (Yearly) $195,000
Playing position: Centre
Team name Harlequin FC
Tom Casson base salary $195,000
RLPA Retirement addition funds: $8,478
Birth date: 4/6/1990
Allowances (Vehicle/marquee/education) $8,125
Market value $1,755,000
Additional Bonus $5,571
Birth Place: Manchester, England
Tom Casson salary cap: $115,000
His Net worth: $89,700
Major source of wealth: NRL/Rugby
Union  England
Salary breakdown of Tom Casson (according to these years)
Year Salary according to contract
2015 $195,000
2016 $275,000
2017 $355,000
2014 $120,000

Tom Casson picture

Tom Casson Yearly salary: He is another talented player of Harlequin FC who earns $195,000 yearly.This NRL/Rugby player born on 4/6/1990 in Manchester, England . He usually plays at Centre position.

Tom Casson net worth and market value is $89,700 , $1,755,000 as described in above table. He played more then 23 games for Harlequin FC . His Cap number value is $115,000 while he gets yearly allowances of $8,125 Average person take years to earn like Tom Casson .


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