Randell Johnson Salary, net worth (linebacker player)

Randell Johnson Salary: A world known NFL/American Football player Randell Johnson born on Saturday, March 23, 1991 in a wonderful city of Miami, Florida . Randell Johnson net worth is $1,287,500 while like other NFL players Randell Johnson also get paid by sponsorship, ads, endorsement, bonus/featuring and so on. NFL and Forbes showed Randell Johnson yearly salary $515,000 in 2015 and different bonus/Sponsorship/Endorsement amount is $64,375 . He plays on #58 position as a offensive tackle . He signed contract of 4 years with Buffalo Bills and has total cap number value of $2,283,732 while his guaranteed overall base salary is $2,220,000 . His decided prorated bonus in 2k15 is $15,933 while you can see his other years bonus below:Randell Johnson salary

Randell Johnson net worth: $1,287,500
Randell Johnson salary 2015: $515,000
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Born place Miami, Florida
Born date Saturday, March 23, 1991
Net worth In Pounds: GBP 772,500
Position offensive tackle
Number #58
Randell Johnson salary in pounds: GBP 319,300
Randell Johnson Endorsement,Sponsorships or bonus: $64,375
Major Source of wealth: (popularity) NFL/American Football player
Full name: Randell Johnson
Team Name: Buffalo Bills
NFL Draft: 2014 NFL Draft, Round 7, Pick 221
Contract: 4 years
Randell Johnson base salary according to years
Year Base Salary Cap Number Any Bonus Amount (e.g roster, Prorated)
2015 $515,000 $529,948 $15,933
2014 $427,000 $439,948 $15,933
2013 $0 $0 $0
2012 $0 $0 $0
2016 $605,000 $619,948 $15,933
2017 $690,000 $705,933 $15,933
Height: 6′ 3″
Weight (pounds) 242
College Florida Atlantic
Randell Johnson net worth in these years
2015 $1,287,500
2014 $1,030,000
2013 $780,303
2012 $598,837

This 6′ 3″ tall, strong and 242 lbs heavy man from Miami, Florida practiced hard for years like other NFL players. Randell Johnson net-worth in 2015 is $1,287,500 . He got his education from Florida Atlantic . He was drafted in 2014 NFL Draft, Round 7, Pick 221 and won many achievements in carrier. Now you know all about Randell Johnson salary, contract amount and his net worth details. Randell Johnson salary and net worth here. Randell Johnson gathered his most salary as an Buffalo Bills NFL player. See Endorsement, yearly salary too. He is from Miami, Florida .His cap number is $529,948 . He plays on #58 position as a offensive tackle .

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