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A world known Journalist Lila Diane Sawyer born on December 22, 1945) in a remarkable city of Glasgow, Kentucky, United States . Diane Sawyer net worth in 2014-2015 is $80,000,000 while like others Diane Sawyer also get paid by sponsorships, ads, endorsement, featuring and so on. We estimated yearly income around $9,411,765 and Sponsorships/Endorsement amount is $2,091,503 . We also added few appearances/dramas earnings which includes WLKY-TV , White House press aide , Literary assistant to President , 60 Minutes corresponden . All appearances earnings given below:

Diane Sawyer net worth and picture

Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer net worth 2015: (USD) $80,000,000
Diane Sawyer Yearly salary $9,411,765
Born place Glasgow, Kentucky, United States
Born date December 22, 1945)
In Pounds: GBP 48,000,000
Diane Sawyer Endorsement and Sponsorships: $2,091,503
Source of wealth: (popularity)  Journalist
Full name: Lila Diane Sawyer
Diane Sawyer earnings according to years
2015-2016 $9,411,765
2014-2015 $8,184,143
2013-2014 $6,274,510
2012-2013 $5,087,440
Expected 2015-2016 $10,823,529
Diane Sawyer appearances Name: Income from that appearances (USD)
WLKY-TV $14,479,638
  White House press aide $11,764,706
Literary assistant to President $8,963,585
CBS reporter and correspondent $6,722,689
CBS Morning News co-anchor $5,738,881
60 Minutes corresponden $5,228,758
Total Earning of Diane Sawyer From just these appearances $52,898,257
Average person will take these years to reach Diane Sawyer networth. 1778
Diane Sawyer net worth in these years
2015 $80,000,000
2014 $69,565,217
2013 $64,000,000
2012 $45,714,286
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